Sonic Forces Standard Edition – Xbox One

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Sonic Forces, the latest installment in the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog series, invites players on an exhilarating adventure to save the world from the clutches of evil. Developed by SEGA, this action-packed platformer combines classic elements with modern gameplay to deliver an unforgettable experience for players of all ages.

In Sonic Forces, the once peaceful world of Sonic and his friends is under threat as the malevolent Dr. Eggman, along with his sinister new ally, Infinite, wreak havoc upon the planet. The forces of darkness have overrun entire cities, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake. Now, it’s up to Sonic and his team of heroes to rise up and put an end to Dr. Eggman’s reign of terror.

Players will get to experience the game from three unique perspectives: Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and their own custom-created Hero Character. Each character brings their own abilities and playstyles to the table, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay.

Key Features

  1. Modern Sonic: Speed through visually stunning 3D levels, utilizing Sonic’s iconic Boost and Homing Attack abilities as you race to stop Dr. Eggman’s evil plans.
  2. Classic Sonic: Experience nostalgia as you take on 2.5D side-scrolling levels, just like the original Sonic games, with all the classic spin jumps and loop-de-loops.
  3. Hero Character: Create your very own unique Hero Character, choosing from a range of different species and equipping them with powerful Wispons – unique weapons that grant special abilities.
  4. Epic Boss Battles: Engage in intense battles against gigantic and challenging bosses, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to emerge victorious.
  5. Team Sonic: Team up with a cast of beloved characters, including Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, to defeat Dr. Eggman and Infinite’s armies.
  6. Customization: Unlock various cosmetic items, gadgets, and accessories to personalize your Hero Character and make them stand out in the battle against evil.
  7. Online Features: Compete against players from around the world in thrilling online races, and climb the global leaderboards to prove yourself as the fastest Sonic player.

Three types of gameplay

In Sonic Forces, players can experience three distinct types of gameplay, each centered around different characters and playstyles.

Modern Sonic Gameplay

In this mode, players take control of the iconic blue blur, Modern Sonic. The gameplay is characterized by fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping 3D platforming levels. Sonic’s abilities include his signature Boost, which allows him to reach incredible speeds, and the Homing Attack, which lets him home in on enemies with precision. Players will dash through visually stunning environments, loop-de-loops, and other exhilarating obstacles while racing against the clock to thwart Dr. Eggman’s schemes.

Classic Sonic Gameplay

Fans of the original Sonic games will find delight in the Classic Sonic gameplay. It pays homage to the 2D side-scrolling platformers of the past, reminiscent of the Sega Genesis era. Players control the retro-styled Classic Sonic, who can perform spin jumps, navigate loop-de-loops, and gather rings just like in the classic games. This mode offers a nostalgic experience for long-time fans and introduces newer players to the timeless charm of the early Sonic adventures.

Hero Character Gameplay

A unique feature of Sonic Forces is the ability to create and play as a custom-made Hero Character. In this gameplay mode, players design their very own original character, choosing from various species (such as rabbits, cats, dogs, and more) with distinct abilities. Additionally, players equip their Hero Character with powerful gadgets called Wispiness, which are unique weapons that grant special abilities like firepower or grappling. This mode provides players with a fresh and personalized perspective as they embark on the journey to liberate the world from Dr. Egg man’s forces alongside Sonic and his team.

By offering these three types of gameplay, Sonic Forces provides players with a diverse and engaging experience, blending the nostalgic charm of classic Sonic with the high-speed excitement of modern Sonic, all while introducing a new level of customization through the Hero Character mode.

Fight against a brand new mysterious and powerful enemy, Infinite

In Sonic Forces, players face off against a brand new and enigmatic enemy named Infinite. Little is known about Infinite at first, adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding this powerful antagonist. Infinite serves as the primary antagonist and the right-hand man to Dr. Eggman, the long-standing nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog.

As the game progresses, players witness Infinite’s capabilities firsthand. He possesses unique and formidable abilities, making him a force to be reckoned with. One of his most notable powers is the ability to manipulate and control the fabric of reality, enabling him to conjure illusions and warp the environment to his advantage. These reality-bending powers make him an unpredictable and dangerous foe, testing the limits of Sonic and his friends’ abilities.

Infinite’s origin remains shrouded in secrecy, and his motivations for aiding Dr. Eggman in his quest for world domination are not immediately clear. This adds an element of suspense to the narrative, as players embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth behind Infinite’s past and the reasons driving his malevolence.

Throughout the game, players confront Infinite in epic boss battles, which serve as some of the most intense and challenging moments. His cunning tactics and overwhelming power create pulse-pounding confrontations that push Sonic and his allies to their limits.

As the plot unfolds, the conflict escalates, leading to an ultimate showdown between Sonic and Infinite. Players must harness all their skills and strategic thinking to defeat this mysterious adversary and restore peace to the world.

The addition of Infinite to the Sonic universe brings a fresh and captivating dynamic to the story, pitting our beloved hero against an entirely new and formidable threat. The mystery surrounding Infinite’s identity and intentions adds layers of intrigue, making Sonic Forces a compelling and action-packed adventure for fans of the franchise.

Featuring an all-star cast of well-known Sonic franchise heroes and villains

Sonic Forces boasts an all-star cast of well-known heroes and villains from the Sonic franchise, bringing together an ensemble of beloved characters to take part in the high-stakes battle against evil. Some of the iconic characters featured in the game include:


  1. Sonic the Hedgehog: The fastest hedgehog in the world, known for his supersonic speed and unwavering determination to save the day.
  2. Miles “Tails” Prower: Sonic’s trusty best friend and sidekick, a gifted fox with exceptional mechanical skills and the ability to fly using his twin tails.
  3. Knuckles the Echidna: The strong and mighty guardian of the Master Emerald, possessing immense strength and a no-nonsense attitude.
  4. Amy Rose: A cheerful and brave hedgehog, who is infatuated with Sonic and always ready to lend a hand in the fight against evil.
  5. Classic Sonic: The adorable and timeless version of Sonic from the early 2D games, bringing nostalgia to the mix.
  6. Silver the Hedgehog: A time-traveling hedgehog from the future, wielding telekinetic powers and a desire to prevent catastrophes.
  7. Rouge the Bat: A cunning and agile treasure hunter with a penchant for jewels and secret intelligence missions.
  8. Chaotix Detective Agency: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee form a quirky and capable detective team, aiding in the fight against evil when needed.

Sonic Villains

  1. Dr. Eggman (Dr. Robotnik): The main antagonist of the Sonic series, an evil genius with grand ambitions to conquer the world using his army of robots.
  2. Infinite: The new and mysterious antagonist with reality-warping powers, serving as Dr. Eggman’s powerful enforcer.
  3. Metal Sonic: A robotic doppelgänger of Sonic, programmed to match and rival his speed and abilities.
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog: An edgy and powerful hedgehog with abilities equal to Sonic’s, often conflicted between good and evil.
  5. Zavok: A formidable and brutish member of the Zeti race, the leader of the Deadly Six, who aligns with Dr. Eggman in Sonic Forces.
  6. Chaos: A water-based creature with the ability to transform and grow stronger by absorbing the energy of Chaos Emeralds.
  7. Eggman’s Army: An assortment of robotic foes and henchmen created by Dr. Eggman to serve his nefarious plans.

This star-studded cast ensures that players are treated to an action-packed and nostalgia-filled experience, as they team up with their favorite heroes and face off against the formidable lineup of iconic Sonic villains in Sonic Forces.

Sonic Forces: Standard Edition – Xbox One

In Sonic Forces, the wicked Dr. Eggman has gained control over a sizable portion of the globe with the aid of the formidable and enigmatic Infinite. You must now aid Sonic in his battle against chaos and devastation while assembling an army to reclaim the Earth.

Create your very own Custom Hero Character outfitted with a selection of potent tools and dispatch foes with blinding speed as Modern Sonic, fly over treacherous platforms as Classic Sonic, or jump over dangerous platforms as both. Play as Shadow, a playable character, and engage in fast-paced action while exploring legendary areas and using these three distinct gameplay styles!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sonic Forces

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