Resident Evil Revelations – Xbox One Standard Edition

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Resident Evil Revelations – Xbox One Standard Edition

A survival horror video game called Resident Evil: Revelations was created in 2012 by TOSE and released by Capcom initially for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system. The game, which takes place immediately after Resident Evil 4’s events, centers on counterterrorism agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they work to learn more about a bioterrorist group with plans to infect the world’s oceans with a virus. Both a single-player and multiplayer mode are available in the game. In the single-player mode, the player must finish a series of episodes that entail solving riddles and eliminating adversaries.

Reception (3DS)

Game Informer9/10

By giving the player limited ammo, health, and movement speed, Revelations places an emphasis on surviving, avoiding danger, and exploring rather than engaging in intense battle. It was intended to update the gameplay while bringing back the gore and terror of the original Resident Evil games. Additionally, outside of Japan, Revelations was the first game to support the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro. The game had a mediocre level of commercial success, and critics generally gave it high marks for its eerie scenario, sound design, and presentation. Its gameplay transitions between episodes drew criticism. In addition to being nominated for three Golden Joystick Awards, including Ultimate Game of the Year, the game also received a D.I.C.E. Award nomination for Handheld Game of the Year.

For Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 in 2013, and for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2017, a high-definition (HD) version was made available. This version has improved graphics and extra content, including a new difficulty setting, however it does not support the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D capabilities. The HD version sold more than two million copies globally across all platforms despite receiving criticism for its outdated graphics and inconsistent controls. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a follow-up that was released in 2015.

Game Play

As you delve into the dark and eerie environments of Resident Evil Revelations, you will encounter classic survival horror gameplay mixed with modern mechanics. The game emphasizes resource management, strategic combat, and puzzle-solving, demanding quick thinking and steady nerves to survive the nightmarish encounters.

You can choose between multiple characters, each with unique abilities and strengths, adding depth to the gameplay and providing various ways to approach the challenges that lie ahead. As you progress, you’ll uncover new weapons and upgrades, increasing your chances of survival against the ever-growing threats.

Terrifying Enemies

Resident Evil Revelations introduces a new breed of horrifying creatures infected with a new strain of the T-virus. Be prepared to face relentless mutations that test your combat skills and puzzle-solving abilities. With limited resources and relentless adversaries, every encounter is a life-or-death struggle.

Stunning Visuals and Atmosphere

Built specifically for the Xbox One, Resident Evil Revelations delivers stunning high-definition graphics, detailed environments, and hauntingly atmospheric sound design. The game’s eerie atmosphere and chilling soundtrack will keep you immersed in a world of constant tension and fear.

Multiplayer Modes

The Standard Edition of Resident Evil Revelations offers thrilling multiplayer modes, including “Raid Mode.” Team up with a friend online to take on hordes of enemies and challenging missions. Earn experience points and unlock powerful weapons and upgrades to customize your characters for even deadlier encounters.

A Gripping Survival Horror Adventure

In Resident Evil Revelations, players are thrust into a harrowing survival horror adventure that epitomizes the essence of the iconic Resident Evil franchise. This installment, set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, introduces a compelling storyline that follows the journey of fan-favorite characters Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield.

As the narrative unfolds, a mysterious and deadly bioterrorism threat looms over the world, and it’s up to Jill and Chris to investigate and put an end to the sinister plot. Players find themselves on an abandoned cruise ship known as the Queen Zenobia, and later, on a desolate and remote island. These haunting and eerie locations serve as the backdrop for the terrifying encounters that await.

Throughout the game, the atmosphere is charged with tension and fear, as players are immersed in a world where survival is uncertain, and danger lurks around every corner. The narrative weaves a captivating web of intrigue, suspense, and dark secrets that will keep players on the edge of their seats from the very beginning until the thrilling conclusion.

Players must navigate through treacherous environments filled with mind-bending puzzles, unexpected twists, and relentless enemies infected with new strains of the deadly T-virus. The stakes are high, and resources are limited, demanding careful planning and strategic thinking to survive the nightmarish ordeals.

As players delve deeper into the depths of horror, they’ll face increasingly challenging and grotesque adversaries that put their combat skills and wits to the ultimate test. The gripping gameplay mechanics and claustrophobic settings ensure an immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience, as they fight for their lives against the forces of darkness.

With its gripping narrative, pulse-pounding gameplay, and haunting atmosphere, Resident Evil Revelations redefines survival horror and stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Resident Evil franchise. Brace yourself for a journey that will challenge your courage, instincts, and determination, as you unravel the mysteries behind the bioterrorism threat and confront your deepest fears. Will you survive the nightmarish horrors that lie ahead, or will you succumb to the darkness that awaits you? The answers await those who dare to step into this gripping survival horror adventure.

Eerie Locations and Terrifying Encounters

Resident Evil Revelations takes players on a chilling journey through a series of eerie and foreboding locations, setting the stage for some of the most terrifying encounters in the survival horror genre.

1. Abandoned Cruise Ship – Queen Zenobia

The dark and claustrophobic interiors of the abandoned luxury cruise liner, Queen Zenobia, become a haunting labyrinth of fear. Players must explore its dimly lit corridors, once filled with the laughter of passengers, now replaced by an unsettling silence. As they progress, they’ll uncover remnants of the ship’s grim past and face ghastly creatures lurking around every corner.

2. Desolate and Remote Island

Venturing further into the story, players find themselves marooned on a desolate and remote island, isolated from the world. This forsaken place exudes an overwhelming sense of dread as its mist-covered landscapes and crumbling structures hold long-buried secrets and unseen horrors. Survival becomes a desperate struggle against both the elements and the terrifying creatures that call this island home.

3. Dimly Lit Laboratories and Caverns

Deep within the bowels of the ship and the island, hidden laboratories and caverns await brave explorers. These dark and mysterious locations harbor disturbing experiments and reveal the true extent of the bioterrorism threat. The chilling ambiance of these underground spaces amplifies the feeling of vulnerability, making every step a nerve-wracking ordeal.

4. Sinister Underwater Environments

Intriguingly, the game also takes players to submerged areas, where murky waters conceal unknown terrors. These underwater sections offer a unique and suffocating sense of vulnerability, as players must navigate through the darkness, not knowing what might lurk beneath the surface.

5. Haunting Sound Design and Atmosphere

Throughout the game, the haunting sound design plays a pivotal role in intensifying the eerie atmosphere. The creaking of the ship, the distant echoes of monstrous roars, and the unsettling music contribute to an overwhelming feeling of dread. Ambient sounds are used masterfully to keep players on edge, heightening the suspense during every encounter.

6. Relentless and Terrifying Enemies

In these eerie locations, players will face relentless and terrifying enemies infected with new strains of the T-virus. Each encounter presents a life-or-death struggle, as players must carefully manage their resources and choose when to fight or flee. The grotesque and nightmarish adversaries add to the spine-chilling experience, ensuring that players are always on the lookout for danger.

As players brave these eerie locations and confront the terrifying encounters that await them, they will find themselves immersed in a world of constant tension and fear. Only those with nerves of steel and the will to survive can hope to uncover the truth behind the bioterrorism threat and escape the clutches of darkness that shroud Resident Evil Revelations.

Classic Survival Horror Gameplay

Resident Evil Revelations brings back the classic survival horror experience that made the franchise a staple in the gaming world. With a perfect blend of tense exploration, resource management, strategic combat, and mind-bending puzzles, this game harkens back to the roots of the series while incorporating modern elements to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

1. Atmosphere of Dread

From the very beginning, the game establishes an atmosphere of dread and suspense. Eerie environments, dim lighting, and haunting sound design create an immersive experience that keeps players on edge, never knowing what horrors might await them around the next corner.

2. Limited Resources

Players must carefully manage their resources, including ammunition, health-restoring items, and key tools. Ammunition is scarce, and every bullet counts, so players must think strategically about when to engage enemies and when to conserve their firepower. This scarcity of resources adds an extra layer of tension and forces players to make tough decisions that impact their survival.

3. Strategic Combat

Combat in Resident Evil Revelations is not just about mindless shooting. Players must employ tactical thinking and precise aiming to take down enemies efficiently. The game encourages players to target weak points on enemies to conserve ammo and dispatch foes more effectively. It’s not always wise to confront every threat head-on, and sometimes avoidance or retreat is the better option.

4. Mind-Bending Puzzles

Throughout the game, players encounter intricate puzzles that test their problem-solving skills. These puzzles serve as a welcome respite from the intense encounters, requiring players to think critically and explore their surroundings for clues. Solving these puzzles is essential for advancing in the game and uncovering its mysteries.

Save Rooms and Typewriters

Save rooms are safe havens where players can catch their breath, save their progress using the classic typewriter save system, and manage their inventory. However, they also represent a moment of vulnerability, as enemies can’t be encountered within these rooms. Knowing when to backtrack to a save room and when to push forward adds an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Multiple Playable Characters

Players have the opportunity to take control of different characters throughout the story, each with unique abilities and strengths. This variety allows for different approaches to challenges and encourages players to try out different playstyles.

By incorporating these classic survival horror elements, Resident Evil Revelations successfully captures the essence of the beloved franchise. The game delivers a nerve-wracking and immersive experience that keeps players engaged in a constant struggle for survival against overwhelming odds. Whether they are exploring eerie environments, solving intricate puzzles, or strategically managing their resources, players are in for an unforgettable journey that showcases the true spirit of survival horror.

New Strains of T-Virus Infected Enemies

Resident Evil Revelations introduces players to a nightmarish array of new strains of T-Virus infected enemies, each more horrifying and formidable than the last. These grotesque creatures have undergone mutations that make them deadlier and more challenging to defeat, putting players’ survival skills to the ultimate test.

1. Ooze: The Ooze is the primary enemy players encounter on the Queen Zenobia, the abandoned cruise ship. These humanoid creatures were once crew members and passengers, now transformed into monstrous, gelatinous beings. They exhibit unpredictable behavior and come in various forms, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Some Ooze possess elongated tentacle-like appendages, while others exhibit enhanced agility and ferocity.

2. Scagdead: The Scagdead is a particularly horrifying T-Virus mutation found on the Queen Zenobia. This massive enemy sports an imposing and grotesque appearance, with decaying flesh and elongated limbs. Its large, gaping maw is filled with sharp teeth, and it possesses a corrosive acid attack that can rapidly dissolve its victims.

3. Hunters: A series staple, the Hunters return in Resident Evil Revelations with a more vicious and relentless nature. These reptilian-like creatures are agile, quick, and capable of delivering deadly melee attacks. Their razor-sharp claws can tear through armor with ease, making them formidable adversaries that demand precise timing and skillful evasion to overcome.

4. Wall Blister: The Wall Blister is a unique and terrifying enemy found in the desolate island setting. As the name suggests, these creatures appear as grotesque masses attached to walls, ceilings, or floors. They can launch projectile attacks and use their environment to their advantage, making them challenging to approach and neutralize.

5. Farfarello: These creepy humanoid enemies possess unsettling features, including elongated limbs and unsettlingly large heads. Their quick and erratic movements make them difficult targets, and they often employ pack tactics to overwhelm unsuspecting players.

6. Malacoda: The Malacoda is a nightmarish boss creature that players encounter during their journey. It is a massive aquatic monster, reminiscent of a giant sea serpent, with rows of sharp teeth and enormous tentacles. Facing the Malacoda requires skill, precision, and a sharp eye for weak points.

7. Scarmiglione: Scarmiglione is a fierce and agile boss creature, representing a more intelligent and evolved form of the T-Virus infection. This humanoid enemy wields deadly scythe-like appendages and can perform acrobatic attacks with deadly precision.

Each of these new strains of T-Virus infected enemies presents a unique challenge to players, requiring different strategies and approaches to overcome. The relentless and grotesque foes encountered throughout Resident Evil Revelations contribute to the intense and heart-pounding survival horror experience that defines the game. Players must remain vigilant and adaptive, using their wits, limited resources, and combat skills to survive the onslaught of terrifying creatures that stand between them and the truth behind the bioterrorism threat.

Multiplayer Modes and Online Co-op

Resident Evil Revelations offers exciting multiplayer modes that provide players with opportunities to team up with friends or other players online, enhancing the survival horror experience and adding an extra layer of cooperative gameplay.

1. Raid Mode: Raid Mode is an action-packed and addictive multiplayer mode that allows players to join forces and take on a series of challenging missions. In this mode, players can select their favorite characters from the game’s roster and embark on thrilling cooperative battles against hordes of enemies.

2. Co-op Campaign Mode: In addition to the single-player campaign, Resident Evil Revelations features a co-op campaign mode. Players can team up with a friend in online co-op to play through the main story together. Working together, players can strategize and support each other in facing the intense survival horror challenges, enhancing the gameplay experience.

3. Online Matchmaking: The game provides online matchmaking options, allowing players to connect with others around the world. This feature makes it easier for players to find partners for the co-op campaign or assemble teams for Raid Mode. The matchmaking system ensures that players can always find others to play with, fostering a vibrant and active multiplayer community.

4. Leveling and Progression: As players participate in multiplayer modes, they earn experience points (XP) that contribute to character leveling. As characters level up, players unlock new skills, abilities, and weapon upgrades. This RPG-like progression system adds a layer of depth and rewards players for their dedication to cooperative play.

5. Customization and Loot Drops: Throughout multiplayer modes, players can find and earn various loot drops, including powerful weapons, upgrades, and cosmetic items. This system allows players to customize their characters to suit their preferred playstyle and aesthetic preferences.

6. Challenging Missions and Rewards: Raid Mode offers a series of challenging missions with different objectives, enemy waves, and difficulty levels. By successfully completing these missions, players earn valuable rewards, including rare items and XP bonuses, encouraging repeated play and mastery of the mode.

7. Communication and Teamwork: Effective communication and cooperation between players are vital to succeeding in multiplayer modes. Players must work together, coordinate their strategies, and cover each other’s backs to survive the intense battles and overcome formidable enemies.

With its engaging multiplayer modes and online co-op feature, Resident Evil Revelations provides players with the opportunity to share the survival horror experience with friends or make new allies in their fight against the nightmarish creatures. The cooperative gameplay adds a social and dynamic element to the game, enriching the overall experience and ensuring that players can enjoy the thrill of survival together in the dark and dangerous world of Resident Evil Revelations.

Upgradeable Weapons and Equipment

In Resident Evil Revelations, players have the opportunity to enhance their arsenal and equipment, offering a sense of progression and personalization to their gameplay experience. As they explore the eerie locations and confront terrifying enemies, players can discover various upgrades and modifications to make their weapons more powerful and their survival equipment more effective.

1. Weapon Customization: Players can modify and upgrade their weapons to suit their preferred playstyle. Throughout the game, they can find weapon parts and components, such as scopes, barrels, grips, and ammunition upgrades. These parts can be applied to their firearms, enhancing attributes like damage, accuracy, firing rate, and capacity. As players progress, they’ll have access to a wide array of weapon upgrades, allowing them to fine-tune their armament to maximize their combat potential.

2. Ammo Types and Special Rounds: In addition to standard ammunition, players can discover and utilize special rounds tailored to specific situations. These include explosive rounds, acid rounds, and more, each with unique effects and advantages against different enemy types. Careful consideration of which ammunition to use becomes crucial in overcoming the various threats encountered throughout the game.

3. Custom Parts for Equipment: Apart from weapon upgrades, players can also find and equip custom parts for their gear. These equipment customizations provide advantages such as increased health regeneration, improved defense against specific enemy attacks, or reduced sway when aiming. Choosing the right combination of custom parts can significantly impact a player’s survivability and combat effectiveness.

4. Scanning and Exploration: Scanning the environment and exploring thoroughly can reward players with hidden upgrades and valuable items. By carefully searching the surroundings, players may find secret caches containing unique weapon parts and equipment enhancements, incentivizing thorough exploration and attention to detail.

5. Skill Tree Progression: As players level up their characters through multiplayer modes and gameplay, they gain skill points that can be invested in a skill tree. The skill tree allows players to unlock and upgrade various passive abilities, such as increased damage resistance, improved ammo efficiency, or enhanced melee attacks. Skill customization enables players to tailor their characters to complement their preferred gameplay style and team roles during co-op missions.

6. New Weapons and Unlocks: As the story unfolds, players will come across new and powerful weapons, expanding their arsenal of choices. Unlocks may include unique and iconic Resident Evil franchise weapons, each with its own strengths and attributes.

The upgradeable weapons and equipment system in Resident Evil Revelations adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, rewarding players for their exploration, strategic thinking, and combat prowess. As they face the relentless horrors of the T-Virus infected enemies, the upgraded gear and customized weapons become essential tools in their fight for survival and uncovering the mysteries behind the bioterrorism threat.

The player controls Jill Valentine from a third-person perspective on the top screen of the Nintendo 3DS. Weapons and an automap feature are displayed on the bottom screen.

A cruise ship was chosen as the main setting of the game due to its claustrophobic corridors and isolation in the middle of the ocean. This concept art depicts the protagonist navigating the ship’s corridors

This game may contain content not appropriate for all ages. or may not be appropriate for viewing at work

Game Specification

Release dateAugust 29, 2017
Customer Reviews4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars    269 ratings
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Date First AvailableMarch 23, 2017
The fear that was originally brought to players in Resident Evil Revelations returns redefined for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience.

Unravel the Truth and Face Your Fears

In Resident Evil Revelations, the journey to uncover the truth behind the bioterrorism threat is fraught with peril and constant fear. As players delve deeper into the dark and haunting narrative, they must confront their deepest fears and unravel the sinister mysteries that shroud the Queen Zenobia and the desolate island.

1. Engaging Narrative and Twists: The game’s gripping narrative keeps players on the edge of their seats as they uncover a web of deceit, betrayal, and horror. Unexpected twists and shocking revelations await, challenging players to question the motives and identities of those around them. The engaging storyline unfolds gradually, leaving players hungry for answers and eager to unearth the secrets that lie ahead.

2. Psychological Terrors and Survival Challenges: Resident Evil Revelations masterfully employs psychological terrors to create an atmosphere of constant dread. As players explore the eerie locations and encounter terrifying enemies, they must confront their own anxieties and navigate through nerve-wracking situations that push their survival skills to the limit.

3. Chilling Atmosphere and Sound Design: The haunting atmosphere and immersive sound design contribute to an unparalleled sense of dread and tension. The dimly lit environments, unsettling background noises, and haunting soundtrack immerse players in a world where danger lurks around every corner. Every step is accompanied by the fear of the unknown, heightening the sense of vulnerability and unease.

4. Moral Dilemmas and Ethical Choices: Throughout the game, players are confronted with moral dilemmas and ethical choices that affect the outcome of the story and the fate of certain characters. These decisions may lead to unforeseen consequences, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the gameplay experience.

5. Facing Monstrous Adversaries: The terrifying enemies in Resident Evil Revelations embody nightmares brought to life. From grotesque mutants to relentless hunters, players must confront a wide array of nightmarish adversaries, each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Confronting these monsters demands courage, wit, and resourcefulness.

6. Uncover Dark Secrets and Hidden Agendas: As the plot thickens, players slowly piece together the puzzle of the bioterrorism threat. They uncover dark secrets about the T-Virus, the motivations of those behind the outbreak, and the true nature of the nightmarish creatures they encounter. The more they discover, the more sinister the truth becomes.

7. A Test of Will and Survival Instincts: Resident Evil Revelations is a true test of players’ will and survival instincts. They must navigate through perilous environments, solve intricate puzzles, and confront overwhelming odds to survive and unravel the mysteries behind the horrifying events unfolding before them.

As players unravel the truth behind the bioterrorism threat, they must confront their fears head-on and muster the strength to overcome the darkness that engulfs them. With every revelation, the stakes grow higher, pushing players to their limits. Only those who face their fears with unwavering resolve can hope to survive the relentless horrors of Resident Evil Revelations and emerge victorious from this spine-chilling survival horror adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Resident Evil Revelations

Please note that the above FAQs are based on the general features and gameplay of Resident Evil Revelations as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021. For the most up-to-date information and any potential changes or additions to the game, it’s recommended to check official sources and the latest updates from the game’s developer, Capcom.

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